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Equipaje vacío [Empty Baggage]   images and Installation 

Empty Baggage (Equipaje vacío) is an installation piece made in different locations in Colombia, South America, a country whose population has undergone mass displacement due to internal violence. The work captures, through photography, the sites that have been destroyed and abandoned as a consequence of conflict, as well as the inhabitants of these places, who, having been forced to flee their homes, years later return to the same sites and try to rebuild their lives. In addition to these photographs, found objects are also an important part of the piece. These objects were collected at the same abandoned sites and photographed in the studio. These studio photographs were printed as posters and pasted on city walls in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital a city with an enormous population of refugees. Further, the objects themselves were exhibited as an installation piece that alludes to the basic human rights that these refugees lose upon having to flee their homes; water, food, land, hope.

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